Quick Facts

Location Emil-von-Behring-Straße 2
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Asset Class residential
GFA 22,058 m²
Status under development


Since 2001, the urban district of Riedberg, in the northwest of Frankfurt, has been undergoing targeted urban development. The former agricultural area is already home to various institutes of the Goethe University Frankfurt for about 8,000 students. The property is located in the immediate vicinity of the campus.


The existing 10,000m2 GFA office building was acquired with a land reserve, whereby the gross floor space was approximately doubled during the planning phase to allow for the additional student housing newbuild scheme. The development concept includes the repositioning of the existing office building and a newbuild with 305 student housing apartments. The curved new building nestles up against the curve of Marie-Curie-Straße and makes ideal use of the plot. The ground floor accommodates a large lobby with work and leisure areas. In the basement there will be a gym, launderette and cinema.

Upon completion, the building will be managed by CRE under the brand Neon Wood